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5 Sylar/Elle
- Bonnie& Clyde Trailer
- The world is not enough
- L.O.V.E.
- Mr & Mrs Gray Trailer
- You'll follow me down
1 Angela & Arthur Petrelli - Divorce Italian Style

YT deleted the audio for the Linkin Park one, so...

On Megavideo: What I've done (Gabriel Gray - Elle Bishop - Angela Petrelli)

My short movie: HRG, Sylar & Elle: a love triangle

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2008 fic...

One Last Wish
Peter, Sylar, hint at Sylar/Elle
Summary: Several years had passed, perhaps more then a decade since their last confrontation, but it looks like it wasn't a fight what his old enemy wanted this time.

Four Times Gabriel was Jealous and Once He Wasn't
Gabriel [Elle, Trevor, The Haitian, Peter, HRG, Little Noah]

Christmas Eve
Little Noah, Gabriel & Elle [Peter]
Summary: "Can I wait for Santa Claus, daddy? Please!"

That's what it means to be human.
Sylar, Hrg[Little Noah]
Summary: Wasn't it ironic that, after having snatched his dream of normality (a house, a family, doing the job), now he is returning it almost intact?

Home Deliveries
Gabriel, Elle
Summary: "A signature here" and the boy goes away, the door barely closed while Elle eagerly opens the package.

You got to be strong.
Gabriel, Angela [Elle]
Drabble for "explanation challenge" at sylarelle

You really got a hold on me
Elle/Sylar (Gabriel) and hint of little Noah
Summary: He loved to look into the eyes the flow of the different emotions, and the awareness of what would follow. Neither of them surprised by the intensity of his desire.

Also, thanks for the nominee!

for the "Normalcy" drabble in Four Times Gabriel was Jealous and Once He Wasn't

2009 fic...

Birthday Present
Sylar/Elle, Gabriel/Elle
Summary: From Gabriel to Elle & From Elle to Sylar two special birthday presents

Killing time at work (RFP)
Zachary Quinto,Hayden Panettiere [Kristen Bell, Adrian Pasdar] and Wendi Avignone (the Heroes makeup artist)
Prompt #11. You need a haircut.

The description of a moment (10 songs drabble)
Sylar, Elle [Peter, Little Noah]

Guess who's coming?
Gabriel, Elle [Luke, Lyle Bennet])
Summary: He was going to ask her something. She knew his tactics, by now.

The Goddess
Elle, Gabriel + more or less all Heroes cast as Greek Gods
Summary: She was Electra, Zeus's daughter, and, just like her Daddy, threw arrows and lightning.

I'll do it for you
Elle [Sylar, Samson Gray]
Prompt #14. I'll kill daddy for you
Summary: She was his personal ghost, except for the fact that nobody could hear her. Not funny.

Spoiled surprise
Elle, Gabriel, the Petrellis, the Bennets
Prompt #24. Why name him Noah?
Summary: Elle is in labor, Gabriel is in panic, and someone does a Big Confession. A normal Petrellis family dinner. Crackastic (sort of).

100 words drabble:
Life is a roller coaster
Gabriel, Elle
Challenge: # 7 - Vacation/Holiday
Summary: Elle has a wish list to fulfill before is too late


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