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Dollhouse - OMFG! the icon says all. I've watched it twice and I'm still speechless. How many episodes more? 1? Love the various refs, from "kill you with your brain" for Bennet to Matrix and Tron! (I love Tron. I bet not so many people had seen that movie - Do IT!)

As everyone else I didn't expect the Boyd twist AT ALL, but I wonder if JW went this way because the show was killed.

Looking back at my various episodes' comments, initially I questioned what was Boyd's reason to became an handler but ther totally forget it.

It certainly put Epitaph One's flashbacks in a very different perspective. I guess "I'll come back for you" was just the line to wake up Whiskey...

The first part was fun, expecially Topher and Bennet, and I squeed a little at the Boyd/Claire part and Domninic/Adelle - that's one thing I really miss from s1, then BOOM all changed. That's I call some very well written episode.

Anyone can link me next episode promo?

FNL is still awesome as always, and I really loved the Boston Trip with Tami and Jules. Them renowning their bonds.

Julie finally get her own episode, and not just as sidekick in Matt's storyline, and it's wonderful how they practically resumed all her 4 seasons in what she said about Dillon and how proud she is of her town, now that she is going to leave it. Julie is all grown up.

The Riggins... they'll never grown up, ah ah . A big "This is going to end bad" was written all over their storylines, but let's see, I must say I was a little moved when Tim showed Becky the land and all.

Vince mother scares me a little, and I didn't like so much how luke's story is so similar to Matt's, but let's see here too.
Question to Us flisters: you all had to do those kind of interviews for grad school?

Heroes -

Ah ah I've watched it, fastforwarding all Claire's and HRG's parts.
Since the first episode was so Claire heavy, I've saved a lot of time ah!
I can summarize it even without watching what happened to Claire, though:
a. she's been stalked (again) now by a stalker that can clone himself!
b. daddy lies to her - she don't trust him anymore (again!)]

While fast forwarding HRG scenes it occurred to me the Not!Elle simply replaced Tracy as potential HRG Company partner (in not romantic way). Hiro's part seemed too much 10-years old Hiro all over again.

I actually watched to see how they handled the funeral, and it was not so bad, Peter's speech was moving, and MV did a good work, but I have still in mind the funeral we saw in FNL few weeks ago, how moving and powerful that episode was, but apparently the Heroes writers don't watch FNL. At least they remember Simon and Monty, but apparently they couldn't afford to pay Heidi actress....
Peter/Claire scenes were cute. Then Peter had a 10-minutes-long Batman moment, and ended with a bullet in a chest. Oh Peter.

The winner for the category "what tv show we can copy tonight?" is 4400! with JordanSamuel building his Promise City new home!!! *applauds*

and ... Sylar: He proclaimed "Once I'll have mybodyback, I'll kill everyone involved, starting from HRG and Angela". Then he got hisbodyback and went after... Peter and Samuel!
At least he killed them, you may ask? No, our (once) favorite IMMORTAL serial-killer had an emotional crisis (again) and wasn't unable - sorry, impotent - to kill, because he suddenly remembered, after 3 years, that he would DIE alone.
Yes, it all makes sense.

The last scene? I stopped the player, so it didn't happened ;)
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