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Birthdate:Jan 5
This is my lj, everyone is welcomed.
Basic things about me.
- I can't stand hypocrisy. If I don't like something you said, most likely I'll tell you, publicly or privately. I can be polite or very rude, in such case deal with it. And I would like the same from you. Feel free to tell me "you are wrong!" every time you feel it.
- I have no patient at all for lj/fandom related DRAMA and WANKS [Wank reporters? Just trolls. They existed since the Usenet has been invented...]
- I usually don't talk about religion or politics. But if I do, I'll probably rant about something. Consider yourself warned (and skip those post, it's better ;))
- I generally don't like slash. If that is you thing, I'll probably don't read your fics and skip your discussions about it, sorry.
- I don't like certain characters in some shows?, don't talk about him/her with me, or be prepared to some character bashing.
- lj-cuts and tags are love. Please use it.
- I'm Italian, so I'll occasionally kill English language. Be patient. (And feel free to correct me)

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

fic: Four Times Gabriel was Jealous and Once He Wasn't




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