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So someone (probably a noob, or not... *sighs*) hotlinked the gifs I've posted lately and uploaded on some site... (thanks stats page on photobucket), so I've almost reached my bandwidth limit. When I got the mail from photobucket, I've deleted said gifs and uploaded on tinypics, but the bandwidth for this month is almost gone (99,5% as we speak)... How does this works? In the mail they said
Your bandwidth usage will reset to zero on the 09th of next
month's cycle based on your original registration date. All your image and
video files will be reactivated at that time.

This means that, if I reach 100% (probably today), the reset will be in 2 days or not? [yes, ah, I feel stupid LOL]

and to you, who linked the gifs on your site, Spock has something to tell you... )
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Italian is my native language, I speak, read and write an acceptable English and Portuguese, and knowing Portuguese help me to understand Spanish and some written French (just a little). Also I studied Latin in high school.

speaking of languages... )

So I want to ask you which are my common mistakes in English. Probably my worst is the 3rd person verbs (I tend to forget the damn "s" LOL) and the conjugation in general (especially the past and the if clause), and using "this" instead of "these" a lot.
Anything that make you shudder while reading my silliness?
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Writing in a foreign language make you discover the strangest things, like that the onomatopoeic sound changes from one language to another... so far I've learned that an English cat *says* MEOW while an Italian cat would say "MIAO" and that when an English-speaker get hurt say "OUCH!" while I say  "AHI!" or "AHIA!" or "AHIO!".

So when I write "EHM..." you read it as the pronunciation of the letter "M" right? while in italian is a way to write when someone is speechless, I would traslate with "WELL..."

Now I would like to know how to write
- an english dog barks - the italian one say "BAU BAU"
- a clock? - italian = "TIC TAC"
- knockin to a door? italian "TOC TOC"
- the door bell? we use "DLING DLONG"
- a scared person screaming - italian = AAAAAAAAARGHHHH!!
- a person expressing satisfaction for something (like, "finally, you made it!") = we use "OOH!" (adding more "O" if is a really intense satisfaction LOL) while we use "OH." (with the comma) to express surprise or we are speechless again...
- we use "GRRRRR" to express rage and frustration, I guess this is the same in English?
- sometime we use "Eh?" as you use What? WTF?
- "ih ih ih " is a sardonic laugh

will add if something else come to my mind... :)

the other thing that change is obviously the idiomatic expressions, like "roses and flowers" which means yours "rainbows and unicorns" or something I've searched for the last drabble: "to look at s.o. out of the corner of one's eye", in Italian we say something that can be literally translated  like "to look at s.o. with the cue of one's eye" and so on...

a lot of funny things. :)


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