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boring raining night, my 2 episodes of heroes are sitting in the DL folder but instead I made this.

Is my grandma recipe, is very simple: 1 yogurt and then use the yogurt's pot as measure and add 1 pot of oil, 2 pots of sugar, 3 of flour, baking powder and 3 or 4 eggs - mix everything and in oven for 30 minutes and ta da :)

I've also collected all the drabbles at [livejournal.com profile] syalelle_100 on a delicious account called sylarelle_100, it was very easy with the firefox add on.
I love the delicious "dynamic" tag system. :)

all in all a productive night.

*off to watch FNL*


ETA (Because I'm dumb ah) - I made this post for this reason and then forget it. So.
For my birthday I had also gift voucher for 1 album from this website, but I can't pick one. Suggestion? I know some of you have a great taste in music.
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My RL friends are awesome! sensitive and supportive. love them all. I may be a little drunk. anyway. we have something to celebrate tonight: one of my best friends will get married on may 8th and another on july 3rd. and another just gave birth to a beautiful little doll called Ilaria. I'm not a "baby" person but she is so so cute.

my flist is also awesome! you are the kindest person I've ever met online... thank you all for. special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] stainofmylove for the great icons she made for me and the new header for sylelle_100, I'll upload it first thing tomorrow [livejournal.com profile] mollivanders for the recipes and the coupon (I couldn't restit, and I buy 1 year of paid account ah ah - bbut I needed space for the new icons, that's why... :)

I owe a recipe to sabrina, I've not forgot this.

Also thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lemomina for reccing me The legend of the Seeker! is fun and I love some fantasy. If you liked Xena or Hercules, you should totally watch it. Or just look at this gifs and understand why you should watch it...

I mean... the plot!

More after the cut.. )

Ah, [livejournal.com profile] lemomina: look what I've found on an italia LotS forum:

- Ah! It's finally time for all of us to join the Midlands Dating Service!
- *sexy deep holy WTF manvoice* "Hi. I'm Cara."
- "For Kinky Cara, dial 555-MORD-SITH."
- "For the Mother Confessor, dial 555-OW-MYSOUL" #midlandsdatingservice
- "For Richard Cypher, dial 555-SEEK-LUV" #midlandsdatingservice
- "For Panis Rahl dial 555-IS-THAT-YOUR-PANIS" #midlandsdatingservice
- "You have selected 666 for Darken Rahl. Please hold for while we put you through to The Underworld" *elevator music* #midlandsdatingservice
- "For Cara, you must pay up front. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed. No refunds/exchanges. Dial 555-HRT-PAIN"


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We made both the Christmas tree and the Christmas crib this year. The past two years we were in full mourning so we didn't, this year we decide to decorate the house, despite the situation.... btw, pics after the cut. (the presepe is not completed yet, we need more moss to cover the light cables) :)

Do you like the crib? )
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See you all in few days! )

Trying to finish a work because there are few days for the due date after the holidays = me working till the 4 in morning, and I didn't finished it. so I have to take it with me there. :(

I'll taking with me FNL and Dollhouse, I hope I'll find time to watch it.

And to work on some gifs for the Xmas wishes...

I have the Glee episode too, but I don't know, it don't inspire me too much...

and I was going to take also White Collar with me, but when I checked the file to verify it was genuine, I ended up watching it and OMG THE END!!! spoiler if you haven't seen the episode ) When will it come back?

uhm now I really have to go to sleep a little, I have to drive tomorrowtoday.

Behave yourself while I'm away :P


Nov. 29th, 2009 01:13 am
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- So it's usual to say "happy Thanksgiving"? sorry I didn't know. (and it's late anyway. Ah)

- work & music )

- my Star Trek DVDs aren't arrived yet. that's for living in a little city in the middle of nothing. :/

- someone watches Bones? Here they just started the 3rd season, but I want to know if they end up together or not...

- my calendar says that tuesday I have to go to the dentist. I didn't remember I fixes that appointment, my friends would said "it's precocious senility" ah ah.

- I haven't done my meta for [livejournal.com profile] heroes_meta this week. I am sad a little. Both because I like when the compiler of the meta found something I wrote funny enough to quote me there (I mean, between different culture/sense of humor and my bad english...) and I like to mock the show. Let's see if next week we do better. uhm. don't know, since I'll watch after the dentist. ([livejournal.com profile] faded_facade let me know the hour.)

- question: when will Dollhouse be back? next friday, right?

ok, let's end this here. here a gratuitous Matt Bomer sexy back gif to compensate the randomness of this post.

Have an happy weekend with your family everyone. :)
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Quick update:

- Thanks to everyone who answered me about 2012 on twitter, I went and watched it, it was fun! :)
- I may probably have the flu, sore throat, cold and some fever... :(
- I'm reading all your wishlists meme, I can't think at 10 things I would like, but I wanna play too... :)
- Star Trek DVD will be out in 3 days!
- If you don't watch Modern Family you should. Last episode? EDWARD NORTON as a guest star, as the a Spandau Ballet member? EPIC WIN!

that's all. Wait. last thing, usual heroes commentary for heroes_meta posted here.

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I am few click away from buying this... :D
What can I say? I love math!
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Trying the mini opera browser for my phone and works very well! Great tool!

Just found that I won against youtube taking down one of my vid, i'll post the fair use defence i've used when i'll be back home if someone is interested.

Having a great remembrance day (i.e. As i call the day of the deaths) with my grandfather. I wish i will be so witty and optimist as him at almost 95 years old!
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I've just realized that I'm kind of disappeared from lj, apart from the heroes meta. So this a a brief list!post to make amend for the lack of lj.posts...

- Good news ahead )

- Obviously I need to catch up with everyone post/life, so if there's something that happened to you/you wrote lately that I've missed, please let me know.

- I'm a really bad bad maintainer for the [livejournal.com profile] sylelle_100 comm, doing things without a schedule or out of date... sorry for that. *sighs* But I've posted the response/voting post for the current challenge, so please go and vote.

- Tv Stuff with a yummy shirtless boy in it )

- ZQ, ER and PF )

- and last, 3 gifs dedicated to all of you. Feel free to take. YAY for Castle whole season! more gifs coming... :)

Nathan and Kristen )

That's all for now, D.
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- Still without my PC *pouts*
some rant about this here. skip if you want )

- My sister in law seems to think I collect slippers. Presents in the last 3 years?
3 xmas ago -> doglike stuffed slippers
2 xmas ago -> socks with the rubber on the sole
last xmas -> cute benetton slippers
and now, coming back from their cruise in the North Sea, can you guess what they get me? Yes! Felt hand made slippers! I guess I can start a collection, now...

Uhm, I'm pretty sure everyone else watched Glee but after the cut anyway  )

Still TV: Castle, Heroes and Flashforward )

Di-Elle Out!
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- My graphic card died while I was re-watching some silly episode of volume 4 of Heroes. PC rant this way )

- Tomorrow I'll start the annual two weeks of LASER and TENS therapy for my neck. I really need it this year, I had fits of dizziness during the all summer. will be the occasion to read a book or two... *note to self, remember to take the book with you*

- Also, I've (or better my mother payed for it) bought the new furniture for my room. Now I've just have to paint the walls and pack everything for the half of October.

- I don't get why there are people upset by the True Blood finale. It was fun, ended all the stories with a satisfying ending (no fighting behind close doors... ) and set the new season with a *nice* cliffhanger. Maybe I watch it just for fun and I'm not so in the fandom, but I don't see anything to whine about it. Also, the last two episodes, [livejournal.com profile] faded_facade and [livejournal.com profile] superkappa and me had this twitter watching party... oh I wish I could do it with other shows!

- I've voted for Kyle Chandler (FNL's coach Taylor) instead of ZQ, here. What that say 'bout me? :P

- And now, silly poll time!
Inspired by the infamous paparazzi's pics of ZQ changing a flat tire, and the comment about being all manly he was in doing so. Because, girls, you must know how to change a flat tire, is not a manly thing! :P I can do it, Veronica Mars can do it, and you?

[Poll #1458070]
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This is going to be a really random post.

I haven't updated in a while, basically me and my mother in the same house for too much time = fail!
plus being unemployed at the moment kind of killed my morale for a while... in case some (who hasn't twitter) missed me or simple wondered where I was,

hi, I'm here. ;)

(pretty DH gif. Can't wait for the premiere, have you seen the sneak peak? Amy Acker is in it!

I was out of the loop, I'll catch up with everything and everyone, I promise.

Meanwhile, someone is interested in a script to randomize the header image? Because I failed at choosing another layout - I've tested few and there's always something that I don't like - but as compensation now I know how to have a different random image in the header. Ask me if you want to know...

At least the FoD ZQ vid was funny. More after the cut... )

Random reaction at the Sylar/Mr Muggles deleted scene from the Heroes S3 DVD: "Fine, they made OOC even Mr Muggles!". I mean, the dog loves Sylar, and Sylar loves the "little fluffy", we know it!
It's confirmed that there aren't Elle's deleted scenes?

LJ related To Do List: )

ETA I want to thanks everyone for the kind kind kind words in that love meme going on. I'll reciprocate in the meme, but I just want to do it here too. This kind of things always catch me by surprise, and totally made my night, especially in this moment. I love you too, girls.
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- I'm not recovered yet, still cough and cold. The fact that I hate taking medicines and I hate go to the doctor doesn't help.
Anyway, now I'm on antibiotics so...

- I'm the new mod at [livejournal.com profile] sylelle_100. Please help me to revive the community both suggesting prompts and writing drabbles! :)

- [livejournal.com profile] faded_facade is the new co-mod at [livejournal.com profile] sylarelle, [livejournal.com profile] superkappa is the new mod at [livejournal.com profile] sylelle_chall... we're taking over the sylar/elle world, girls!!! *evil grins*

- watching both the Alias and the Star Trek TOS re-running going on Italian TV: both seems a little... silliest that I remember... in any case I really enjoy have some David Anders on my tv again! :D

- I'll be in my grandparents village next week, no internet (my aunt got a dial up connection...). I'm taking with me Chuck's S2. Suggest me some other series I should watch. (considering Psych right now, since everyone loves it...)

*off to watch more Castle - just 3 episodes to end the season*.

ETA: almost forget. I don't know you, but these are certainly two flashbacks/tv show prequels I would love to see (from the TWoP site):
Heroes )
and Dollhouse )
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- went to the beach yestarday --> cold and fever today :(

- couldn't find a important file and had to draw the project all over again :(

- lj is being bad and does not allow me to comment on anything sigh :(

+ watching breakfast club. it feels like i'm a teen again...

ETA: apparently the problem is Firefox... lj works with Opera. mmmhhh...
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My best friend just broke up with her bf and to cheer her up I made her favorite dessert, who happens to be... Tiramisù (literally means "pick me up")

I had this wonderful idea (how presumptuous that sound? LOL) and took pictures of the various phases, so here, for all of you, my own foto-recipe for Tiramisù after the cut.


Enjoy ;)

[ok, is there some Italian recipe you want to know "hot to"? Pumpkin Lasagna? Bolognese meat sauce? How to make Pesto? Risotto with mushrooms? ask me... ]

(*) i.e. OM NOM in Italian
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One Damn Big Entry:

- Lj-related things )

- Fic rec again:
one of the best Elle's characterization I've ever read
[livejournal.com profile] razycrandomgirl - Brutally Honest

- Dollhouse Epitaph One )

- Heroes Spoilers i.e. it's just what I'm eager to see...or not )

and last, if you want some new heroes friends...

(find the meme here)
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- People are stupid. Specially the owner of the apartment above my parent's vacation home who forgot to close the water before going away. The results: apparently more then 10 cm of water in our home, the electric installation gone and I don't know what else . Tomorrow I'll go and see... It's *only* 3 hours in the car with 40°C outside and the traffic for all the people going to sea in the week.end *AAAAAAARGH*

- I went to see the Twelfth Night in an ancient Castle near my hometown two nights ago. It was awesome.
a brief review )

- I won a consolation banner for the [livejournal.com profile] vm_redux quizzer, YaY! when I'll come back - probably monday - I'll catch up with the episodes and I swear I'll win!!! :P
look at the pretty :) )

- I just noticed that the "other" singer in the fake&sillyt 80-ish vid for hugh grant's movie Music & Lyrics is Scott Porter, who plays Jason Street in FNL. I've seen this vid like thousand time, is one of my cheer-up vid and still I didn't recognize him watching FNL LOL!

- A Sylar/Elle fic rec )

- Again, CONGRATS FOR THE WIN AT THE [livejournal.com profile] heroes_het_fic AWARDS TO ALL THE AWESOME WRITERS in my flist!!!

- and last thing, the "apparently I have no life" movie meme everyone did last week... 115 )

See you in 2 or 3 days...
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ok, apparently some on my F-list HAVE NOT SEEN certain FUNDAMENTAL movie, like

- Terminator (1 and 2) we can pass on T3, right?
- Blade Runner (!!!)
- Indiana Jones

and so on. (Shame on you, bbs!)

why don't we make a list of movie that are part of the Film history and pop culture and we commit ourself (argh, I don't know the right English verb here.... undertake?) publicly to watch at least 2 during this summer and writing a review after?

so: let's confess which movie you haven't seen, and let's indicate 1,2,5 whatever movies that are "Must see" to make a list...

Want to play? Y/N/Bad idea?

I'll start:
My confession: I've never seen... The Godfather (the complete trilogy).
My must see is/are... the above mentioned...
Other suggestion: I'll go for "Strange Days" by Kathryn Bigelow

Epic Fail!

Jun. 4th, 2009 05:30 pm
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So, at spock_uhura someone posted this list of "25 Women Who Shook Sci-Fi", i.e.
Some are striking for their leadership and bravery, others for their incredible sexiness, many for both. [...] the 25 most important SF & fantasy heroines of all time. We've limited ourselves to TV and film - SF and fantasy literature probably warrants a further list all of its own - and in those instances where multiple actresses have portrayed a character, we’ve written who we believe gave the most definitive performance in brackets.

go and take a look...

my thought? after the cut )

That said... I'm one step from becoming a Ryan Hansen fangirl. Seriously. If you liked the video I've posted few days ago... you'll LOVE the Making of...

vid here )
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  • For [livejournal.com profile] lemomina who made it and all of you that dropped a comment in my 3d in the summer love meme: I am speechless and really really surprised and moved for all your kind words, *hugs&kisses* for everyone and thanks!

  • For the Quinto fangirls:
    suggest your favorite funny Quinto scene (beside the *tom cruise moment* in the outtakes for whole and the "shampoo and conditioner in one" from the pilot in So NoTorious)

  • For the ones who posted fics: I've read it, but I had not time to write an appropriate feedback, but I enjoyed each one. Tomorrow I'll comment of your work. *kisses*
    ps: please [livejournal.com profile] bellonablack, plaese un-lock yours, more people deserve to read it!)

  • For the ones who haven't seen it yet (via [livejournal.com profile] cruiscin_lan), the GQ ZQ MACRO!!!

That said, good night and sweet dreams everyone.

(damn, today started the VM-redux and I'm late, I'm hopeless...)


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