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Since [livejournal.com profile] mollivanders doesn't want to share one of her 3 malcolm raynolds...

flist space saving cut.. )

I'll be satisfied with my Castle's version of him :P

and these are my New Year's resolution.
I'm still giggling: how do you keep your spock clean? and I really want an Elle now! ah ah

In 2009, di_elle resolves to...
Overcome my secret fear of heroes.
Connect with my inner sylar.
Keep my spock clean.
Ask my boss for an elle.
Volunteer to spend time with movies.
Get back in contact with some old so notorious.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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random gif to celebrate!!!

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- I miss Heroes. or better, I miss some good gen heroes fic, with almost all the cast in (like L.O.S.T.'s Fugitives...). After the Star Trek overdose I've realized that I like this fandom. I know the characters, even the ones I dislike, I like the original idea, I like the superpower and so on... Any rec?

- Speaking of Heroes, apparently next season is gonna be the last... they scheduled Heroes against House, How I Met Your Mother, and the Big Bang Theory, for what I've read. Go you, NBC!

- Why I had this bizarre Firefly/Star Trek crossover in mind, with the enterprise crew in the Serenity, with kirk/Inara and Mal jealous, Spock fascinated by River, Keylee and Scotty fighting in the engine room and Checov playing with Wash's dinosaurs?

- and now the silly part.
too much time + the internet =
Zach in Zoolander & Superman )
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Sorry I'm flooding your F.List but... this is hilarious!

DC/MArvel Action Figures Star Trek Parody )

note to self. Stop. It. Right. Now!
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Social persona test )

ops... well. ehm. it's accurate. I'm too stubborn for my own sake... LOL!

anyway, some star trek related funny things:

the movie through Bones eyes... (basically a Bones picspam but the captions are too funny!!!)

and the "Vulcan Pickup Lines"
read through the comments, are hilarious...

Here, here and some more here
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from my mailbox

AlejandroLestad ha aggiunto un commento su Sylar Elle : The world is not enough:
I made this video one of my fave's xD awesome, loved the end.
it could be even better if you have added the scene were HRG gets shooted in the eye

not so weird, but still. Because well, he loves the end... and in the end all the people at primatech blow up, including HRG... so when was I supposed to add the scene where HRG gets shooted? wasn't the storytelling clear enough?

anyway, who cares. a little laugh in a boring morning. :D
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... SO HARD.
People imagination is amazing!

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Haiku2 for di_elle
and make sure claire was
deleted almost 1 years
ago and ended
Created by Grahame

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Writing in a foreign language make you discover the strangest things, like that the onomatopoeic sound changes from one language to another... so far I've learned that an English cat *says* MEOW while an Italian cat would say "MIAO" and that when an English-speaker get hurt say "OUCH!" while I say  "AHI!" or "AHIA!" or "AHIO!".

So when I write "EHM..." you read it as the pronunciation of the letter "M" right? while in italian is a way to write when someone is speechless, I would traslate with "WELL..."

Now I would like to know how to write
- an english dog barks - the italian one say "BAU BAU"
- a clock? - italian = "TIC TAC"
- knockin to a door? italian "TOC TOC"
- the door bell? we use "DLING DLONG"
- a scared person screaming - italian = AAAAAAAAARGHHHH!!
- a person expressing satisfaction for something (like, "finally, you made it!") = we use "OOH!" (adding more "O" if is a really intense satisfaction LOL) while we use "OH." (with the comma) to express surprise or we are speechless again...
- we use "GRRRRR" to express rage and frustration, I guess this is the same in English?
- sometime we use "Eh?" as you use What? WTF?
- "ih ih ih " is a sardonic laugh

will add if something else come to my mind... :)

the other thing that change is obviously the idiomatic expressions, like "roses and flowers" which means yours "rainbows and unicorns" or something I've searched for the last drabble: "to look at s.o. out of the corner of one's eye", in Italian we say something that can be literally translated  like "to look at s.o. with the cue of one's eye" and so on...

a lot of funny things. :)

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Don't you hate it when, at work, you have basically almost nothing to do for days and in one day you have a lot of things and deadline and not enough time? aaaargh But I've done it! so go me! :)

I'm a little sad, my team is out of the Champions League, stupid stupid penalties! :( And now I don't think I will go to Rome in April, since there will be no Quarter *sighs* This year I haven't see a match at the Olimpico yet and I was so happy when my roman friends invited me for the eventual quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Looking at the poll, I see that half of the people answered Angela and the socks = "kinki games with Danko"... I almost want to challenge you to write it now... :P

[livejournal.com profile] acinogan: have you give up for the Sybrows game? the results tomorrow... and the winner will have a banner based on this

the ultimate Sybrow pic for me. :)

Suggestion for the next game? if you still like it... I was thinking at Elle's hair or hands...

I know what is different in this volume! We haven't shirtless boys in this! the max we get is Nathan without the jacket... that is NOT FAIR, show... at least give us some flesh, since the rest is not so entertaining! (Why I end up speaking of Heroes again? lol!)

and now, a walk in the 80s!
80s FTW! )
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Working at the Sybrows... it's really hard. :)

but now, the results of the Trash&Lamp Game
pics here! )

[livejournal.com profile] acinogan : yes, I'm a sort of crazy! LOL!

Thanks for playing!
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I have 10 pics of 7 lights and 3 garbage cans from 10 scenes with Sylar & Elle in (i.e. they are present in each scene contemporaneously), let's see who can guess the scenes they come from. ps: everyone must hazard a guess for each pic... . Some are obvious.


10 details here )

Eta: forget to add: comment screened. :)

I got it!

Mar. 5th, 2009 01:33 am
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I know the reason of Sylar's continual changes!

the ANSWER! )
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1. had a weird dream tonight: me and [livejournal.com profile] superkappa (I don't know how I know was her, you know the weird things that happens in dreams? mmm... to many "know" in 1 sentence?) in a escalator, talking about hair colors... and I look up (I never look down, even the escalator is going down, I suffer from vertigo) and behind her I see Hugh Jackman, who started talking with us about his hair... then the alarm. Anyone knows the meaning? :D

2. Dollhouse Friends help each other out )

3. Heroes and Dollhouse Spoiler:Can you hear my SQUUEEE??? )

4. The way random people I don't know start to follow me on twitter amuse me...

5. I've been tagged by [livejournal.com profile] superkappa with the "you made my day" meme and basically I tag all my f-list, more or less all of you made my day at least in one occasion (some in more than one time and way). :)

6. Sorry for spamming you f-page. In case you wonder, the previous message wasn't just a pretext to use the "nostalgic" mood pic.... even they are so cute!!!! :) It's just that I made it two days ago and totally forget to post... :)

btw the picture they used in "Crossing Jordan" is really baby!Zach? He was ADORABLE!!!!

cuteness here...  )
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Whenever I see that photo taken from beaming's blog, with Zachary Quinto with the apron in that weird position, I burst out laughing.
Why? because I have a picture of my brother taken about fifteen years ago, almost in the same position.

Italian genes at work? LOL!


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