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for [livejournal.com profile] sellthelie and everyone else :D
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TEASER! Gif 005
Whoever killed her, also murdered the English language )

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[livejournal.com profile] mollivanders asked me some gifs from V's pilot, I hope there are all the one you wanted!

Total Gifs Count: 16


TEASER! Gif 015

Happiness comes from tranquility and peace. )
ps: [livejournal.com profile] lemomina if you still want some carnival's gifs, can you please make a list of scenes you want? that would make it easier to do it, since there are too much episodes and scenes... thanks :)
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FNL IS BACK!!! :D Have you seen it? I did without subs, so I understood half of it (LOL) but it was awesome have the Coach, Tamy, Matt and all the others back!!!
Are you ready for Friday Night? )

More White Collar and Matt Boomer tonight, so will be a sweet morning for me tomorrow. I need to watch Flashforward, Cougar Town and Modern Family, too...

And now, CASTLE GIFS from Vampire Weekend!!!

I'm a space cowboy! )

Take whatever you want, just please SAVE ON YOUR OWN HOSTING SERVICE AND DO NOT HOTLINK!
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It's a pity Dollhouse had the lowest rating so far and will probably be axed and that was one of the best episodes. A Topher and Sierra heavy episode and almost no Echo. Spoilers for Belonging )

Speaking of DH, an amazing Vid about Topher and Adelle (not seen as ship) I've found. Spoiler for S1 end Epitaph one.

and last, I've just found another tv show that I'll totally watch for the plot, i.e. White Collar
Just look at this gifs and you'll understand...  )

I so want him and ZQ in a movie/show together!
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I've just realized that I'm kind of disappeared from lj, apart from the heroes meta. So this a a brief list!post to make amend for the lack of lj.posts...

- Good news ahead )

- Obviously I need to catch up with everyone post/life, so if there's something that happened to you/you wrote lately that I've missed, please let me know.

- I'm a really bad bad maintainer for the [livejournal.com profile] sylelle_100 comm, doing things without a schedule or out of date... sorry for that. *sighs* But I've posted the response/voting post for the current challenge, so please go and vote.

- Tv Stuff with a yummy shirtless boy in it )

- ZQ, ER and PF )

- and last, 3 gifs dedicated to all of you. Feel free to take. YAY for Castle whole season! more gifs coming... :)

Nathan and Kristen )

That's all for now, D.
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I promised this a long time ago, I don't remember who requested it but... here you are, fluffy gifs from 3,04 I Am Become Death



Take whatever you want, please don't hotlink, thanks!

Who wants some waffles, huh? )
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[livejournal.com profile] watchmakersboy asked me some Gabriel gifs, so, for her and everyone else, the shy watchmaker after the cuts. I've included some Elle in the Villains one, I couldn't resist...

The gifs are 355x200 so click on it to get the bigger one. 22 Gifs, the post may be not dialup friendly


Six Months Ago )

The Hard Part  )

Villains )

Into Asylum  )

[livejournal.com profile] watchmakersboy: I hope I "covered" all your wish, but if there's something else you wanted let me know. And... may I ask you a Gabriel/Elle (with little Noah) fic in change? ;)
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WARNING: This post is not dial-up friendly.
some light rant about Heroes... )

and now the not dial-up friendly part... i.e. 26 Reason to watch this episodes... or just this 26 gifs... A lot of wet!Sylar, smiling!Sylar, arching a sybrow!Sylar and some Nahtan hotness and emo!Peter after the cuts....

RE-WARNING: 2 very BIG wet!Sylar Gif included... Click at your own risk!


Emo!Peter )

Hot!Nathan )

Smiling!Sylar )

Wet!Sylar!!! )


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