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Why I have to reduce myself to the very last minute to do things? Is my worst flaw and I know it... :(
and this happens to every facet of my life, study, work, personal things... *sighs*

and obviously I have some work to do, but I'd rather start writing something (it's been a while now...) and it was the worst thing to do right now.... I wanted to write a crak! fic with Sylar & Elle that discover they have a fan club "The Bonnie&Clyde08", with web site and "a lot of awesome stuff like Sue Lander's autopsy" (Elle's word!), but the premise come out so different (and longer of what I intended) that the fan thing doesn't fit with it anymore...
So now I have this 800 word thing that I actually like but I don't know how to end it!

I have the new video practically all done in my mind, but I'm too lazy to do it...

And... Dear Heroes fandom, apparently we have all a huge imagination... (it's about Angela and her scary habit to touch her sons...)
I had this conv with wendi the make up artist:
  1. Di_Elle can you ask to cristine rose if was hers idea to make Angela Petrelli a touchy-feely person or the writers asked it?
  2. wendilynnmakeup do u feel she touches them too much?
  3. Di_Elle not "too much" but "a lot" :)
  4. wendilynnmakeup hmmmm
she didn't or couldn't ask her, but she was really perplexed...

Speaking of heroes... the random thought of the day: The hunter has his own personal agenda and is not Nathan's... why he didn't kill sylar? the swat squad could do it, they shot the electric things in his back, they could easily use a normal gun or rifle and put a bullet in his head... and Nathan said to the Hunter how to kill him...

But obviously they can't kill Sylar. Even if he has again an "isolated from the other"/"road trip" kind of storyline...

I so need a Sylar/Elle mood theme!
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Angela is not really his mother.
She really try to drown him when he was a baby.

one or both will lead to the "hostage" situation at primatech in 3.11
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A little musical recap of Heroes' 3x08, focused on Gabriel, Elle and Angela.

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Waiting for the flashback in 3x08, just mixed some images with the real trailer' soundtrack of "Divorce Italian Style"


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