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Back to the 5 questions thing, I owe 10 answers:

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I'm so lazy this days... I have 3 unfinished vids project: the Sylar opening credits of a 90's tvseries I loved (not telling you more, it's a surprise!), that can be seen as a tribute to Sylar's skill to impersonate different people we all loved, before the shapeshifting bullshit (the *storyboard* is complete,I've chosen the footage, I just have to put it together), a Dollhouse/Heroes crossover I started a really really long time ago, that I completely forget and remember it only after watching Epithaph One (I've just the general idea, but I love it so much), and a crackastick trailer inspired from the Movie inspired fic MEME that took place at superkappa's journal few weeks ago (I actually started working on this after the last sylar elle vid but then I had no time...)

Help me pick one:

[Poll #1435720]

Last thing:
For all the Heroes's fan, this is the truest and funniest rant about S3 I've ever seen in age, with lot of things we've said all over the season but... in MANGA FORMAT! you must read it (from up to down, and right to left, it took little to figure it out for me) even if, like me,you don't know the comic or the characters (I think is from The Another Tale of Frankenstein by Nobuhiro Watsuki)

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The BEST HEROES EPISODE EVER!!! Oh, look at Gabriel all guilty about his mother accidental murder!!! Candice's power is very powerful... And look how cute is baby Matt! YaY for all the good guys together to stop Sylar. Yes! Finally Nathan/Sylar confrontation!!! AWESOME SET UP FOR THE SEASON FINALE!!!


Dear Mr Kring and Mr Beeman, maybe it's me, but apparently I give the words "satisfying" and "exciting" a whole different meaning. Thanks for teaching me the right ones. Thanks for slapping my face for being a loyal fan during the now "no more existent" S2 and Volume3, that I actually liked, ERASING all that happened in that volumes. Also, thanks for make me almost hate my favorite character.
No Love, DL.

(Edit on 23/4)

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After the cut, the official episode description for the first chapter of volume 4.

A clear and present danger )

Sylar is the one who manipulates everyone, not vice versa! In this volume he was almost stupid, he bought all the lies and trusted everyone... this is not Sylar!

Sylar in volume 3: (click to enlarge)


Last thing: Is just me or in volume 3 they transformed Sylar from Peter's nemesis into Claire's nemesis? The last episode gave me this impression... please, don't do it! Is kind of stupid and disturbing in some way.
I can understand Claire seeks revenge on Sylar for the "I don't feel pain" / brain.rape thing but Sylar, really, has nothing more to take from her...

HRG is Sylar's #1 enemy from the start! (and I mean from season 1, not from the retconned 3.08 episode)
so let's HOPE they're not going to change this.

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I'm sick and with nothing to do, so I re watched some episode of volume 3, from 3.05 to 3.07
ah the waste of potential... HRG/Sylar the company agents were so funny...

Heroes stuff here... )

btw, a friend give me for birthday Twilight and New Moon, I've read the first chapters, is very interesting!

and.. I'm watching Veronica Mars (starting the second season tonight): Kristen Bell did really a fantastic job! Only... I know that Veronica will end with Logan, but I really don't like him (for now). He is arrogant, a little crazy maybe too... They try to make him sympathetic but didn't work for me in the first season, and for now I don't like them together.

As I said I'm sick,  when I don't have headache  I lay on the couch watching tv... and this afternoon I've seen two episodes of Charmed,  the ep 7 and 8 of the 4 season... and I remember how much I loved Cole! In the second episode someone from the past seek revenge for balthazor murder, and in the end he is powerless. He remind me of Sylar in some way... (maybe I think too much at Sylar LOL!) in any case, I loved Cole and Phoebe, and the end, with cole's death and the letter.... so heartbreaking and so perfect! I stopped watrching Charmed after that season, I hated paige and can't stand the new phoebe so...

last thing: being sick apparently affect my ability to understand the English. could someone tell me what the man doing the voice over in this "Perfect Murder" trailer, says about the "lover"?

"An unfaithful wife, an unforgiving husband, a ___________ lover"

(I need it for a crazy Idea I had - maybe is the fever - a sylar/elle video, of course)

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Other Stuff

So this volume was useless?  )

And the big surprise: Sylar is not really a Petrelli? SERIOUSLY?!

I loved this season from the first episode to "eris quod sum". I enjoyed 3.08 & 3.09 only for the Sylar/Elle scenes and the powerless Peter. I didn't like very much 3.10. and the Elle death ruined this one. I used to defend this show, but now I'm really disappointed. I'm not done with this show, I guess, but just for some actor who actually can act: Jack Coleman, Zachary Quinto and Cristine Rose. (and Kristen Bell.... sob :( )

I fear Angela would die at the end of this volume.
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What I hated: (if you love Claire, skip this)

Why is it always me?

My point exactly. Why must be always her? I never hated a character in a TV show, but now I hate Claire. The whining masochistic irritating selfish annoying cheerleader. I've hoped for some development, but, as noted here starwarsgeek (and I quote)

Claire *so-called* character development... )

"That's enough!" Kill her, please! Sylar, please, take Hiro's power, kidnap Claire, go back to 1789 France, put her under a guillotine and enjoy the show... (Unfortunately, this is not going to happen, and we'll have the "Claire crying show" for ever and ever.)

What I liked:

How our heroes reacted to the loss of their power: on one hand the most powerful (Peter few weeks ago, Sylar yesterday) have a reaction like "uh, I've lost my powers? Who cares!", on the other hand people who have always been indifferent (Nathan) or worried about having it (Matt) miss them.
Elle's reaction: she grew up with her power, her identity is closely linked to her power. Her power define who she is. Without it she feel lost, she doesn't know who is. Poor Elle, come here you for an hug ... oh, you prefer Sylar... I understand you, lucky girl!
Then there is "miss masochism": you are happy because can feel pain again? WTF? you have some serious serious problems, girl.

Now everyone out there are ranting about the powerless Sylar who still killed Alejaaaaaaaaaaaandro (and almost EVERYONE said HURRAY! when he did it, btw) in season two. I don't care. For me season two is irrelevant, has served only to add a couple of interesting characters, useful for the third season: Elle and Angela (we barely saw her in the first season).
If you (and the writer) can ignore at all what has happened to Caitlin, I can safely ignore that Sylar killed someone when he was powerless in the second season. And that he did everything to have his powers back. I really don't care. I like and enjoy Sylar's development , this year and he wasn't my favorite character before.

What I loved: (and I'm not alone in this. No surprise that they always have some old pervert peeping on them... they are so hot but strangely cute together)
Sylar Elle Sylar Elle Sylar Elle. ZQ and KB are so perfect together. And I always loved how graciously ZQ perform a fall. Best Acting, again, from this two. (and HRG)
I didn't understand Elle motivation at first, then [livejournal.com profile] dana_serenity opened my eyes with this.

Sylar Elle = Bonnie & Clyde. (and I'm going to do a vid about it...) Hopefully minus the tragic end.

Heroes of the week:

HRG: when everyone else is powerless, he is the king.

Quote of the week:

Sylar: "I hate heroes"

Now, writers, please, don't kill little Noah. Again.
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why everyone is ranting about the "wrong" time line? I really don't get the error...

it's alla about 3x08 )
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il Peter del futuro ne combina di pasticci, tutta la fatica del volume uno per evitare che sylar diventi immortale e tac, colpa sua che dice a claire di non partire... interessante il potere di teletrasportare le persone e addirittura di metterle all'interno di altri corpi: ma il vero jesse che fine ha fatto? e il corpo di Peter del presente?

scena più divertente delle due puntate: matt convinto che a parlagli sia la tartaruga la scena di sylar che armeggia con il cervello di claire è veramente splatter.... Claire mi sa che passa anche lei al lato oscuro, visto che non si sente più umana... magari per colpa della cattiva influenza di meredith.

Anche il pezzo di Sylar che cammina con la musichetta della colonna sonora a inizio seconda puntata è diveretente!

mica ho ben capito come è guarito, se lindermann lo vede solo lui, suppongo sia un parto della sua immaginazione, le cose che dice lindermann stesso in ogni dialogo tra i due me lo fanno supporre, almeno niente sangue miracoloso stavolta e poi all'improvviso parla pure la lingua della tipa che prega in chiesa mah

ando/hiro: sempre la parte più bella della serie anche se la scena del futuro... e se fosse come dice ando che "qualcuno che aveva il suo aspetto" (non era peter futuro che aveva il potere di sparaflashare in rosso?) o magari a hiro è passato al dark side e ando sta facendo la cosa giusta, stavolta è tokio ad esse distrutta, menomale va :)

il messaggio di kaito parla di un prescelto con la linea di sangue pura... mmm....

il pezzo del sogno che spiega il potere di Angela ci dovrebbe fare vedere gli schieramenti buoni/villains, quindi Tracy, la regina di ghiaccio (e si spiega il suo poster con il paesaggio ghiacciato dietro, forse veramente l'unica cosa che non mi aspettavo proprio, il suo potere) diventerà villains, magari andando alla ricerca del suo passato...

Elle porella non glie ne va mai una buona... riesce a non farsi ammazzare da Sylar, lo mette pure KO, peccato che liberi tutti gli altri... peccato che angela la mandi via, quindi per ora non la rivedremo. C'è però da chiedersi perchè sylar dice che se ha ucciso così tante persone è colpa sua, più che di tanti altri...

Bob: mi spiace che l'abbiano fatto fuori, mi piaceva molto...

è, come pensavo, Dr Jekill / Mr Hide più che Spidy...

ed infine, Sylar è il terzo fratello Petrelli, come tutti pensavamo/sapevamo dagli spoiler...

visto anche il promo della terza, si preparano cose interessanti. Per ora le prime due puntate promosse a pieni voti!


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