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Dollhouse - OMFG! the icon says all. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!! )
Anyone can link me next episode promo?

FNL - Can't we just go home? )
Question to Us flisters: you all had to do those kind of interviews for grad school?

Heroes - I had nothing to do this afternoon so... )
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Heroes commentary for 4x10 Brother's Keeper.

Are you here to save me? )
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After the debacle that was the last episode, this episode was better. (it takes really little to be better than the Epic Fail that Once Upon a Time in Texas is.)

That's Just Crazy! )
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This gif pretty much describes my reaction to this episode...

Spoiler safe cut )
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So, in my list-post yesterday I totally forget about this. My new wardrobe and all the new things (bed, library etc) arrived yesterday so if some is interested I'll post a pic of my room before/after. but most interesting, re-organizing everything I've found a lot of things I didn't even remember I had, like the Twin Peaks OST, and something I thought I've lost, like my Blade Runner Director's cut DVDs! YAY! so last week I spent a night re-watching Blade Runner and I fell in love all over again with that movie. If some of you have not watch it BLAME ON YOU,you must watch it! Is amazing how a lot of sci-fi we see today is still influenced by it.

Sharing Music is love )

And now very late to the party, Heroes meta.

Tabula Rasa )

I wish I could stop ranting about this show but... )
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- First of all: Is any of you on my flist the user catandmoose on Twitter? Sorry, I don't remeber who you are...

- Fun fact: someone (not the author) sent on my YT box a link to a vid where they ask the heroes writer to bring back Sylar/Claire. I don't know if it was an attempt to create a ship war or what...

And now some TV show reviews/meta/spoilers:

- Chuck may come back early, by the end of October!!!! YaY!!! :D And probably Heroes will be back at 9.00 pm, so [livejournal.com profile] faded_facade let me know if you'll watch it live or not...

- Flashforward 137 sekunden )

- Dollhouse was a disappointment again. Belle Chose )
But there is an interesting promo for next week episode, Spoilers safe cut )

- And last, Heroes

The Magic is Back! )
And to end this, mini rant, about episode 8's description Spoiler, obviously )
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Heroes was boring.

And I have some issue about Kimiko too... )

And now something fun that happened on Italian TV and that make me love the Muse even more! More after the cut.. )
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Late to the party but here's my Heroes comment. Who was on twitter may recognize something...
Cut for spoilers! )

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Previously on DollhouseHeroes:
Sylar killed Nathan so that's Sylar transformed to look like Nathan because of some kind of control by Matt because HRG and Angela couldn't found Claire magical blood a better plan . Try to explain this to a casual viewer.

Let's start with this: great part of my opinion about this season premiere depends from the whole Nathan!Sylar and Matt/Sylar storyline: how they handled the first (not as bad as I thought) and how they explained the Matt/Sylar part.

(In one word? Poorly.) )

Fight Club part (i.e. Matt/Sylar): )

The rest:
Spiderman Peter )

Here we go again (Claire, Hiro&Ando, HRG) )

The Hatitian Sensation! (please TK DO NOT GIVE HIM A NAME)
Oh hi there, Deus EX Machina. It has been a pleasure to see you again. No, we don't need you anymore tonight, even in the very next scene we talked about erasing someone's mind... what's your power again?

I'm liking Tracy. I really hope they don't pair her with HRG, therefore screwing her. She is being kick-ass all by herself, she doesn't need a man.

At last, the Carnival. )

Conclusion: Dear Heroes, you are intelligent but you don't apply yourself enough, still no love, me.

PS: Everyone should read this. Is the most hilarious Heroes recaps I've EVER read. Sadly just up to Volume3.
Really, don't read it at work or while drinking. You'll cry from the laughs. It's long but totally worth it. Enjoy.

and from the same author, the HEROES PLOT TABLE.
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well, pretty much what I guessed, and more. Warning: this is gonna be a long post.
Of Tim Kring and Greg Beeman... )

About the episode: no rant this time, I swear...  )

To sum up the Volume 4: the evil HRG's plot to advance from middle management to finally lead the Company.

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The BEST HEROES EPISODE EVER!!! Oh, look at Gabriel all guilty about his mother accidental murder!!! Candice's power is very powerful... And look how cute is baby Matt! YaY for all the good guys together to stop Sylar. Yes! Finally Nathan/Sylar confrontation!!! AWESOME SET UP FOR THE SEASON FINALE!!!


Dear Mr Kring and Mr Beeman, maybe it's me, but apparently I give the words "satisfying" and "exciting" a whole different meaning. Thanks for teaching me the right ones. Thanks for slapping my face for being a loyal fan during the now "no more existent" S2 and Volume3, that I actually liked, ERASING all that happened in that volumes. Also, thanks for make me almost hate my favorite character.
No Love, DL.

(Edit on 23/4)

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First of all

It's all about trust )

question: why next episode in 2 weeks?

Now, on Heroes...

Back to square one... )

To sum up this episode in 10 words: No Zachary Quinto and we know why Angela steals socks.

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Is getting harder every week watch it. I found my self fast forwarding more than half of the episode...
btw, my thoughts here:
Heroes )

I liked the episode, but less than the past 2... )

I want to do this meme is going around, so give me a character... I'll give you one if you want. :) [only I don't understand the meaning of the 6th question]
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Did you liked the Cold Snap?

why? because I am a girl? )

I watched Australia yesterday. It remind me why I like Hugh Jackman so much but... it was a little disappointing. Wonderful scenery and photography, epic music, but sarah and drover's story didn't catch me. It wasn't so "EPIC" as I thought it would be. They presented it as the new "gone with he wind" and it wasn't. Never trusts the Movie Critics.
Question: the Australian really talk that way? It was really hard to understand without reading the subtitle, in the end I was so tired I switched to the Italian dubbed version.
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Trinity: What did you just say?
Neo: Nothing. Just had a little déjà vu.
(Matrix, 1999)

Let's play a game:

1. Pick your favorite tv show.
2. Write 10 scenes from past episodes
3. Post them here for everyone to guess the character and episode / season they was
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it.

10 things here! )

Virtually the only new thing is Peter more and more towards the FYG!Peter ... It's a pity he hasn't his scars in the face, otherwise it could be yet another dejà vu.

BS of the week: HRG defending the evolved humans calling them "humans"? He that see them just like freak, monsters or tool to use (except his claire-bair of course)? *rolleyes*

For the rest: Peter still doesn't use the gun to kill (see dela26 last fic), the heroes continue to use Isaac's loft, HRG continues to be morally gray and Matt still DOES NOT USE HIS EFFING POWER TO DECEIVE THE SWAT TEAM ... YOU DUMB!

Sylar, the A-team of Failure needs your advice ... you know the all: "Always have an objective and know your end game before you lift a hand" speech you gave to the annoying kid last time?

Every time I heard / saw a recycled scene I have ground my teeth at the end my jaw hurt... I will bill Tim Kring for my dentist.

PS: How tall is Jack Coleman? It is difficult to focus on Danko's or Nathan's threats when they looks like little boys compared to HRG!

PS2: I haven't read the BTE and I have no intention to do it, I'm trying to get that toxins out of my system... but I'm curious (damn me), they said something interesting?
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I found myself laughing or giggling all the time while the main villains were on screen, unless that was the writers goal (but I don't feel so), I think that something is wrong.

Last time on these screens, a number of very interesting female characters captured our attention: Jessica, Elle, Eden... Daphne. Yeah.

Heroes misogynous slash fest! )

New&Exciting things for Sylar! )

Meanwhile, in the Main Storyline... )

How many episodes before:

- Sylar kills the apprentice?
- Daphne resurrects/we find that she is not dead at all?

(if we start a drink game, we should be drunk in 5 minutes...)The first time is funny, the second amusing,the third is annoying. Brian Fuller is on twitter ... I'm really tempted to imploring him to close the authors in one room and force them to do a marathon of Heroes's past seasons before writing the next volume... if there will be one.
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Oh Peter, you Catastrophe's Catalyst!
So, clearly I'm not done with Heroes yet. )

random thoughts:
- Samson "the taxidermist" Gray: his power is to drain the life/the blood from the animals or something like that
- the boy on the bike isn't little!Gabriel. Maybe is his half brother or something.

This show make me sad. Now we'll have few episodes in which everything get dense again (Fuller's words). I must resist and wait for Fuller's come back. (which, sadly, is not in the 3.19 "Shades of Gray" episode.)


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