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Am I the only one who like DVD's more for the special contents than the movies itself? The LOTR extended edition DVD box has arrived few weeks ago: I haven't still watched any of the movies (and it's been what, 6 years since I did?) but I've almost ended all the specials of the first and the second movie. And are a lot of wonderful specials.

Also I'm still mad at Jackson for what he did with Faramir.

ETA: poking the heroes ficwriters in the flist, I would love to read more answers in the ficfest, come on! :P
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So, in my list-post yesterday I totally forget about this. My new wardrobe and all the new things (bed, library etc) arrived yesterday so if some is interested I'll post a pic of my room before/after. but most interesting, re-organizing everything I've found a lot of things I didn't even remember I had, like the Twin Peaks OST, and something I thought I've lost, like my Blade Runner Director's cut DVDs! YAY! so last week I spent a night re-watching Blade Runner and I fell in love all over again with that movie. If some of you have not watch it BLAME ON YOU,you must watch it! Is amazing how a lot of sci-fi we see today is still influenced by it.

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And now very late to the party, Heroes meta.

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- In the middle of the house works (seems like that old movie where they start to renovate the home and never ending LOL) so I don't have by room for my own during part of the day. But I had my PC desktop back and crossing fingers apparently everything is ok this time. I just have to reinstall all the stuff which is annoying plus they deleted also my partition, damn. Luckily I had saved most of what I had there on a external device, but still, I've lost my ZQ/KB photo folders *sighs*.

- I've been to see "Baaria" tonight. Amazing pictures and score (morricone is morricone, after all), but the story was really poor, and we ended up asking ourselves: "So, what's the meaning of this movie?". What a delusion! I so hoped we'd watched Inglorius Basterd instead, but one of my friend actually came from Bagaria so we watched that. /disappointed

- Brief comments on TV shows I've been watching this week:
  • Modern family is hilarious. Really. thanks for the rec, [livejournal.com profile] sellthelie! Also watched the pilot of Eastwitch (bleah, I loved the movie, this is really bad) and Cougar Town just for Courtney Cox and I liked too

  • The second episode of Dollhouse wasn't enjoyable as the first one.Spoiler safe cut )

  • Flash Forward Spoiler for White to play )

  • and last show: GleeRhodes not taken )

I really need to start working on that gifs. Oh crap I have to install again those software too... /head, meet desk.

Heroes starts in 10 minutes, right? [livejournal.com profile] faded_facade, same place same hour for the episode?
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ok, apparently some on my F-list HAVE NOT SEEN certain FUNDAMENTAL movie, like

- Terminator (1 and 2) we can pass on T3, right?
- Blade Runner (!!!)
- Indiana Jones

and so on. (Shame on you, bbs!)

why don't we make a list of movie that are part of the Film history and pop culture and we commit ourself (argh, I don't know the right English verb here.... undertake?) publicly to watch at least 2 during this summer and writing a review after?

so: let's confess which movie you haven't seen, and let's indicate 1,2,5 whatever movies that are "Must see" to make a list...

Want to play? Y/N/Bad idea?

I'll start:
My confession: I've never seen... The Godfather (the complete trilogy).
My must see is/are... the above mentioned...
Other suggestion: I'll go for "Strange Days" by Kathryn Bigelow
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Long review.
Spoiler free part:

I am not an hardcore Star Trek fan and I have not seen any other movies, but I know the world of Star Trek well enough to be able to do the vulcan greeting with both hands... And everytime there is a re-run (usually The Next Generation) I can't help and watch it. (I love sci-fi)
It's a great movie: It has everything that you want in a sci-fi movie in XXI century: action, humor, starship battles, cgi not overused and character you can sympathize whit. It has all to please everyone, winks at the fans with quotes (though I know I've lost at least one in the dubbed version "are you out of your vulcan mind" was translated just "are you crazy" and no reference to green blod goblin :( ) and with the excuse of the reboot it welcome new fans to S.T. world instead of rejecting them. And the soundtrack is wonderful. I need it.
... but has also little defects, for me. Being about the plot, is spoiler so after the cut.

Spoiler )

(and now off to watch dollhouse finale!)


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