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Jan. 17th, 2010 12:54 am
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[ profile] superkappa, I officially love you for this :D

and the prompts already posted are so good so far I can't think at my own prompts...
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I've just realized that I'm kind of disappeared from lj, apart from the heroes meta. So this a a brief list!post to make amend for the lack of lj.posts...

- Good news ahead )

- Obviously I need to catch up with everyone post/life, so if there's something that happened to you/you wrote lately that I've missed, please let me know.

- I'm a really bad bad maintainer for the [ profile] sylelle_100 comm, doing things without a schedule or out of date... sorry for that. *sighs* But I've posted the response/voting post for the current challenge, so please go and vote.

- Tv Stuff with a yummy shirtless boy in it )

- ZQ, ER and PF )

- and last, 3 gifs dedicated to all of you. Feel free to take. YAY for Castle whole season! more gifs coming... :)

Nathan and Kristen )

That's all for now, D.
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One Damn Big Entry:

- Lj-related things )

- Fic rec again:
one of the best Elle's characterization I've ever read
[ profile] razycrandomgirl - Brutally Honest

- Dollhouse Epitaph One )

- Heroes Spoilers i.e. it's just what I'm eager to see...or not )

and last, if you want some new heroes friends...

(find the meme here)
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Pimping this awesome idea [ profile] superkappa and [ profile] stainofmylove had.
It's Multifandom go there and prompt/answer the prompt and have fun!

[girls, you should pimp this in various community too... ;)]
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this post is for [ profile] stainofmylove, I owe her my bla bla bla about FNL...

there is the re-watching community

Friday Night Lights Summer Watch-a-thon
(Re)watch all three seasons with other fans during the summer break at [ profile] fnlwatchathon.

I've read the schedule and I thought: this is insane, I can't watch 3 episode per week! then I started to watched it and I watched the first 7 episodes in 3 days LOL! then work and life kick in but I'm going to watch more this weekend...

If you don't know what I'm talking about, there is the wonderful picspam [ profile] stainofmylove made few months ago, these a pretty much the reason I like it (minus the "America I know" obviously, but I must add something about it

the reason why...  )
so in the end, watch it, is worth it!

PS: Krystle: but those kids are all orphans? Matt, Tim, Tyra, Smash (the father)?
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Ok, I don't get it.
at ONTD_startrek they posted a picspam of ZQ "questionable" fashion sense. Ok, I love him so much for his unique fashion sense and most of all I love that he really doesn't care and wears what is most comfortable for him, all his stripes and colorful combination... but then they posted those pics also:

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so I really don't get it. What is so strange in those shirts? too stripes? color too bright? what's is questionable in those?
also the last one is maybe one of the finest good looking and well dressed Zach's ever! Why people found that scarf strange? is pretty common here...

(and no, this is not just a pretest to post some zq pics... ok, maybe a little, but really I don't understand... )

also, pimping [ profile] acinoganand [ profile] love_is_epic Veronica Mars rewatch community

[ profile] vm_redux

maybe I'll finally end watching VM s3 this way! :)
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Apparently I won vs NBC on Youtube (for the L.O.V.E. vid), and I wasn't aware that NBC had claimed something in first place, LOL!

Also, via [personal profile] faded_facade, share the dollhouse love!

( the dollhouse friending meme )
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but, anyway:

(these are so pretty I can't pick one) :)

I had just the time to put two prompts and read one fic *sighs*

Have fun everyone at [ profile] sylarelle! :)


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