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- First of all: Is any of you on my flist the user catandmoose on Twitter? Sorry, I don't remeber who you are...

- Fun fact: someone (not the author) sent on my YT box a link to a vid where they ask the heroes writer to bring back Sylar/Claire. I don't know if it was an attempt to create a ship war or what...

And now some TV show reviews/meta/spoilers:

- Chuck may come back early, by the end of October!!!! YaY!!! :D And probably Heroes will be back at 9.00 pm, so [livejournal.com profile] faded_facade let me know if you'll watch it live or not...

- Flashforward 137 sekunden )

- Dollhouse was a disappointment again. Belle Chose )
But there is an interesting promo for next week episode, Spoilers safe cut )

- And last, Heroes

The Magic is Back! )
And to end this, mini rant, about episode 8's description Spoiler, obviously )
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- The girl ad the PC store said "I'll call you late this afternoon or tomorrow morning" and 1 day has passed without calls. I hope the damage is not bigger than I thought. uhm. Maybe I should call them.

- When I'll have my pc back,I'm going to make some gif... Elle, Elle and Bob and some Sandy from Glee. If you want some particular scene ask me.

- AARGH now that i can't I keep founding new fantastic songs for Sylar/Elle vids, not fair.

- Random Heroes thought: spoiler I guess )
Also, uhm, NBC, you are so so eager to have those new ZQ fans watching heroes, aren't you?
"chilling like a villain"? What? LOL!

Sharing meme time! [phew, I've finished this]

Sharing is Caring: For one week, recommend / share:
Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: a site
Day 5: a youtube clip
Day 6: a quote
Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

A Pascal's quote )

Whatever tickles my fancy: a download manager )
*off to the physiotherapy* :)
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One Damn Big Entry:

- Lj-related things )

- Fic rec again:
one of the best Elle's characterization I've ever read
[livejournal.com profile] razycrandomgirl - Brutally Honest

- Dollhouse Epitaph One )

- Heroes Spoilers i.e. it's just what I'm eager to see...or not )

and last, if you want some new heroes friends...

(find the meme here)
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So, I was super busy the last days and I'm gonna be more this week, before my trip to Finland [anyone knows what is the weather in the south of Finland in the first week of July? NO? neither I... LOL!] so this is going to be a long post.

I don't want to monopolize your f-list, so here are the links to some backdated (does this verb exist?) posts:

1. TL;DR Words (If you want to know my silly thoughts about Firefly, Noah Gray, Dollhouse, Zachary Quinto and Fan Vids) here

2. The TV MEME (really, I just watched too much Tv in the past and now is even worst with all the show I watch via internet...) here

3. Speaking of TV show, I'm addicted to Friday Night Lights... reasons why I like it so much and all of you should watch it here

4. I've watched Terminator Salvation and I will write a little review for this too. Not today, is really too much for one day! I like most of it, something I dislike, and really Marcus stole the entire movie... for now just this: OMG checov is batman's father! LOL!

5. Dollhouse returns on September 18th and I try to stay spoiler free on this but... Casting Spoiler )

6. I am a procastinator, but thanks to the "extension" I was able to vote for the heroes het fic awards, in the best characterization for now but I'm going to vote in some of the other 2 category too. be proud for me, I've read even a lot of fic and pairs out of my comfortable zone...

I have learn that: read more... )

And if you have read all this, you deserve a prize... here some zq hair porn for you :)

PS: Cookies to everyone who get the ref in the title of this post :P

Gray Hour

Mar. 9th, 2009 10:33 am
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I really liked the 4th episode of Dollohouse, is getting better and better, and this time I liked the "doll of the week", too.

More on Dollhouse here. )

Heroes (Sylar) spoiler time!

Tonight is the night... )

I'm glad you liked my little game... I was really bored yesterday... tomorrow I will post the solutions, nobody guessed all 10 till now but it was fun!
If you like it I could do another one... Sybrows or Hands... what do you think?
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1. had a weird dream tonight: me and [livejournal.com profile] superkappa (I don't know how I know was her, you know the weird things that happens in dreams? mmm... to many "know" in 1 sentence?) in a escalator, talking about hair colors... and I look up (I never look down, even the escalator is going down, I suffer from vertigo) and behind her I see Hugh Jackman, who started talking with us about his hair... then the alarm. Anyone knows the meaning? :D

2. Dollhouse Friends help each other out )

3. Heroes and Dollhouse Spoiler:Can you hear my SQUUEEE??? )

4. The way random people I don't know start to follow me on twitter amuse me...

5. I've been tagged by [livejournal.com profile] superkappa with the "you made my day" meme and basically I tag all my f-list, more or less all of you made my day at least in one occasion (some in more than one time and way). :)

6. Sorry for spamming you f-page. In case you wonder, the previous message wasn't just a pretext to use the "nostalgic" mood pic.... even they are so cute!!!! :) It's just that I made it two days ago and totally forget to post... :)

btw the picture they used in "Crossing Jordan" is really baby!Zach? He was ADORABLE!!!!

cuteness here...  )
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argh, it's snowing... again! umf!

btw, watched the second episode of Dollhouse and I loved it!

Dollhouse )
Anyone else enjoyed this episode?

Ah... I love the last spoiler for Heroes at E'Online...  my reaction! )YaY!

Speaking of Heroes & Dollhouse: I know that I'm obsessed with Heroes but really, who could not think at Daddy!Sylar and Little!Noah after listening to this dialogue between Boyd and Topher?

Topher: What's the magic word?
Boyd: Please.
Topher: I was actually looking for "abracadabra," but that will do

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3.16 BUILDING 26 )

And again this volume it's going to be Claire-centered? *sighs* Sooner or later I will found a "Please Just Kill Her" Fan Club.

+ at heros-france a 3 new promo and a lot of pics...

(and Grunberg totally spoiled us 2 months ago on Twitter, with that pic of ando and a motobike... LOL!)

Anyone else is NOT THRILLED AT ALL by those descriptions?


I've found a Dollhouse Promo and some brand new Dollhouse communitiy!!!
Dollhouse Promo )
Joss Wheldon, please, don't disappoint me... I have a lot of faith in you and your new project!!!
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After the cut, the official episode description for the first chapter of volume 4.

A clear and present danger )

Sylar is the one who manipulates everyone, not vice versa! In this volume he was almost stupid, he bought all the lies and trusted everyone... this is not Sylar!

Sylar in volume 3: (click to enlarge)


Last thing: Is just me or in volume 3 they transformed Sylar from Peter's nemesis into Claire's nemesis? The last episode gave me this impression... please, don't do it! Is kind of stupid and disturbing in some way.
I can understand Claire seeks revenge on Sylar for the "I don't feel pain" / brain.rape thing but Sylar, really, has nothing more to take from her...

HRG is Sylar's #1 enemy from the start! (and I mean from season 1, not from the retconned 3.08 episode)
so let's HOPE they're not going to change this.

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Reading heroes-ita, there is news about an actor/actress of heroes...

(I translate it from the italian, because I can't find anything on kristin do santos website)

The spoiler after the cut )

Anyone has heard/read something about it?


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