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- People are stupid. Specially the owner of the apartment above my parent's vacation home who forgot to close the water before going away. The results: apparently more then 10 cm of water in our home, the electric installation gone and I don't know what else . Tomorrow I'll go and see... It's *only* 3 hours in the car with 40°C outside and the traffic for all the people going to sea in the week.end *AAAAAAARGH*

- I went to see the Twelfth Night in an ancient Castle near my hometown two nights ago. It was awesome.
a brief review )

- I won a consolation banner for the [livejournal.com profile] vm_redux quizzer, YaY! when I'll come back - probably monday - I'll catch up with the episodes and I swear I'll win!!! :P
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- I just noticed that the "other" singer in the fake&sillyt 80-ish vid for hugh grant's movie Music & Lyrics is Scott Porter, who plays Jason Street in FNL. I've seen this vid like thousand time, is one of my cheer-up vid and still I didn't recognize him watching FNL LOL!

- A Sylar/Elle fic rec )

- Again, CONGRATS FOR THE WIN AT THE [livejournal.com profile] heroes_het_fic AWARDS TO ALL THE AWESOME WRITERS in my flist!!!

- and last thing, the "apparently I have no life" movie meme everyone did last week... 115 )

See you in 2 or 3 days...
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Ok, I don't get it.
at ONTD_startrek they posted a picspam of ZQ "questionable" fashion sense. Ok, I love him so much for his unique fashion sense and most of all I love that he really doesn't care and wears what is most comfortable for him, all his stripes and colorful combination... but then they posted those pics also:

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so I really don't get it. What is so strange in those shirts? too stripes? color too bright? what's is questionable in those?
also the last one is maybe one of the finest good looking and well dressed Zach's ever! Why people found that scarf strange? is pretty common here...

(and no, this is not just a pretest to post some zq pics... ok, maybe a little, but really I don't understand... )

also, pimping [livejournal.com profile] acinoganand [livejournal.com profile] love_is_epic Veronica Mars rewatch community

[livejournal.com profile] vm_redux

maybe I'll finally end watching VM s3 this way! :)
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I made it before today episode... btw, my thoughts about last week Dollhouse )

Veronica Mars Question... )

And also, from the veronca mars eps: I have a question about the fraternity/sorority thing: are really as they are prortraited in the various college movies? I mean: party, closed membership, initiation rites and all... is something like a Goliardic tradition in Italy or the Tunas in Spain/Portugal whose purpose is to have fun (and get drunk) together, make jokes and all?

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I'm sick and with nothing to do, so I re watched some episode of volume 3, from 3.05 to 3.07
ah the waste of potential... HRG/Sylar the company agents were so funny...

Heroes stuff here... )

btw, a friend give me for birthday Twilight and New Moon, I've read the first chapters, is very interesting!

and.. I'm watching Veronica Mars (starting the second season tonight): Kristen Bell did really a fantastic job! Only... I know that Veronica will end with Logan, but I really don't like him (for now). He is arrogant, a little crazy maybe too... They try to make him sympathetic but didn't work for me in the first season, and for now I don't like them together.

As I said I'm sick,  when I don't have headache  I lay on the couch watching tv... and this afternoon I've seen two episodes of Charmed,  the ep 7 and 8 of the 4 season... and I remember how much I loved Cole! In the second episode someone from the past seek revenge for balthazor murder, and in the end he is powerless. He remind me of Sylar in some way... (maybe I think too much at Sylar LOL!) in any case, I loved Cole and Phoebe, and the end, with cole's death and the letter.... so heartbreaking and so perfect! I stopped watrching Charmed after that season, I hated paige and can't stand the new phoebe so...

last thing: being sick apparently affect my ability to understand the English. could someone tell me what the man doing the voice over in this "Perfect Murder" trailer, says about the "lover"?

"An unfaithful wife, an unforgiving husband, a ___________ lover"

(I need it for a crazy Idea I had - maybe is the fever - a sylar/elle video, of course)


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