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Searching for a file, I found this I made few years ago, when I used to be in a Pride and Prejudice newsgroup - the BBC one, not the movie. There was an hilarious discussion about what were Darcy and Lizzy really thinking during the whole thing... I translated it (roughly, so probably there are some mistakes, be warned) and I hope it is at least funny as well in English...
I suggest the fullscreen mode.

I made just the first episode (flash, autoplay, with music) )

and 2 bonus scenes: the first proposal and the "wet shirt" scene (no music) )

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So, probably was [livejournal.com profile] dragynflies's bigboomfic and [livejournal.com profile] faded_facade awesome art, but last night I had this strange dream in which I read this gossip report about Sylar/Elle wedding (Sylar being a Petrelli, etc. Basically an AU - IABD-ish. )... and I couldn't take it out of my mind, so that how I spent part of this raining boring Sunday. Should I post this to [livejournal.com profile] sylarelle?

I haven't wrote the main article, is just random text, but you can read all the rest (pics captions and little box articles) so view it in fullscreen.
Ehm. I've used real pics from the Emmy 2007 party, so don't read/watch if you find mixing actors with their characters disturbing. Click on the side of the page to flip it.

[ehm... I know, the last page... probably I'm mean.]

The manip on the cover can be found here:

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Webcomic spoiler free, I used Star Trek TOS pics... so click on the pic below and enjoy!

click on the pic to get the comic )
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Inspired by the last two RPF (1 and 2) posted here, a web comic? a fumetto? I don't know how to call it, a "silly idea I had" maybe is the best definition! (LOL)
What if ZQ was at the premiere?
Pairing Zach/Kristen, Special Guest: Milo Ventimiglia

3 panels after the cut! )

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After the cut, the official episode description for the first chapter of volume 4.

A clear and present danger )

Sylar is the one who manipulates everyone, not vice versa! In this volume he was almost stupid, he bought all the lies and trusted everyone... this is not Sylar!

Sylar in volume 3: (click to enlarge)


Last thing: Is just me or in volume 3 they transformed Sylar from Peter's nemesis into Claire's nemesis? The last episode gave me this impression... please, don't do it! Is kind of stupid and disturbing in some way.
I can understand Claire seeks revenge on Sylar for the "I don't feel pain" / brain.rape thing but Sylar, really, has nothing more to take from her...

HRG is Sylar's #1 enemy from the start! (and I mean from season 1, not from the retconned 3.08 episode)
so let's HOPE they're not going to change this.

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It's late (half past twelve in the night), I fear what will happen in 3.12, and I fear tomorrow I will be very sad and angry at the writers... so I made this comic (sort of...)

Ps: forgive me... I'm not so crazy, I swear! :P

( the webcomic posted at sylarelle )

or download the pdf here:



Watch the webcomic here:

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After reading [livejournal.com profile] caitlinlaurie's hilarious fic, I made a sort of Graphic Novel, using this site: you can see it as slideshare presentation o download the pdf here

Heroes - Out of my mind
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